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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blockhouse and gun holes

This is Crockett's Blockhouse so named by the man who's farm it protected.  The gun ports are shown from the inside.  On the outside of the blockhouse you see tiny square ports but the inside is angled so the gun can shoot from every angle.
This blockhouse was built in 1855 as was the one on my other blog. (


  1. I cannot imagine having to use one of these, to feel so afraid of possible danger as the settlers must have felt out in their fields.

  2. I have no sympathy for the so-called "settlers," who used every excuse to steal the land from the "natives" and executed those who resisted...

    But I do think I would not find this little blockhouse to be all that secure if attacked by warriors of any nation!

    Nice shot, though.

  3. You're home? Holy crap! But that fact does give rise to the question as to what you were up to in that blockhouse. And you called me a blockhead? Heh, heh!

  4. Just like arrowslits in medieval castles...

  5. This blockhead is truly glad you've found happiness. Actually, I wouldn't be all that surprised if you were also to be found on top of your roof singing at the top of your voice!


  6. Rather sobering to see those gun holes. Whoever lived there must have been sturdy stock. Peace

  7. ROFLMBO at Jacob! He cracks me up, such a hoot!!! =)

    I love the history of this place... WoW! 1855!

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