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Sunday, August 18, 2013

More of the Horses

 This is Jolene and her Horse MooseHis registered name is I'm so Cool.  He is an Appaloosa
 This is Kylee's horse Macaronie. 
 And here are Kylee and Mac racing.  Mac is a Quarter Horse
 This is Kylee's other horse Dally.  Dally didn't want his picture taken.
Dally is a goof and just wants to make faces

We keep horses both at Bob's house and the other house.


  1. Nice horses. Moose is kinda fancy!

  2. Great shots. Dally is too funny! Macaroni is a superb equine specimen! Why does Jolene call Moose "Moose" when his name is so cool?

  3. Kylee and Mac are just a blur! Love that shot.