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Monday, July 15, 2013

Biggest Dang Bovine......

......I've ever seen..


  1. She's pretty, though. How big is she, bovine speaking?

    I dunno if you're lost in Idaho, but you could be lost in Montana. If you wanna, you could get lost in Colorado, or even Oregon. Be careful, though, of communities with gates. You may have to buy a computer. Oh, wait, that was Bill Gates and he lives in Washington. So go get lost there. OK?

    People tell me to get lost all the time. What do you suppose they mean?

  2. It looks big! Beautiful animal.

  3. I must be having a first glance I thought this said "Biggest David Bowie" Don't ask me how I got that. I think I zeroed in on the D---Bo....not really reading.

    Oh, well, I have moments like that. She is a big girl, that is for sure.

  4. WOW! It doesn't look like a cow! No udder. The fence post is in the way. But looks like a steer? Dinner time soon? :)