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Saturday, May 31, 2014

I have made..........

.............26 flower containers so far.  that includes several hanging baskets.  I like making containers mainly because you can move them around where ever you want.

These will fill out more and be gorgeous.   The Pansy one I will shear back and they will start all over again.
 Begonia, Bacopa and Coleus
 Geranium. Lobelia (Chrystal Palace) Allysum
 This one is fairly new it should be huge.  Petunia, Bacopa, Santavalia and Heliotrope (in the middle)


  1. That's a LOT of pots! But I agree that pots are fun because you can move them around.

  2. Ok, I'm impressed. They are beautiful and I'll bet your entire house looks like the Garden of Eden. I used to like flowers. Then someone called me the flower of my family. Well, actually, they said "You're a bloomin' idiot!"

    I didn't think that was very nice. Right?

  3. LOL at Lowell's comment! I swear, he always cracks me up.

    that is a lot of pots...and they are beautiful.