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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More Apples

We picked some more apples yesterday.  These are Akane Apples.  They are so crisp the juice runs down your chin---well my chin anyway.   Next apples to be ripe are the Jonagolds and the Spartans.  Ohhh YUM!!

 Two big boxes from one small tree.
 And a nice little gift basket
 We picked some Italian Prunes too.  They are sooo good. 


  1. We never see apples like this! You are so lucky. We bought some gala apples at Sam's Club and they're not too bad. My mother used to say I was a "prune." I wonder what she meant.

  2. I have never had Akanes well at least that I know of. I am not very adept at apple species though! haha. I do love Italian Prunes though.