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Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Mural---new to me theme day

Sedro-Woolley is and always was a logging town.  Situated upriver on the Skagit.  Lots of murals and wood carving in town. 
To see more Monday Murals go to and enjoy!


  1. Loooooove this.

    I'm gonna try and make time to call you. I need to tell you the news. No, no, not you know who. No news there and not expecting any, now even less than a month ago. But hopefully you'll be around in Sept...?

  2. Is it old and faded or more sepia toned on purpose? If it was intentional it's pretty neat the way it blends into the brick, like a ghost image from the town's past.

  3. I bet this looks like the daguerreotype it was modeled on. Love historical murals. This one gives the image a sense of movement--either coming forward or disappearing into the bricks. Love it and hope you'll show us more murals the town has to offer. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  4. This one I really like. It captures so well the hard-working woodsmen! Talk about a tough job.

  5. I just love this one! The faded look is fantastic!