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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another Eagle


  1. You really do fly with the eagles! How cool to have so many in your back yard, so to speak. This is a terrific shot.

  2. HI MB,
    You must draw the Eagles to your area. Is it some special cookie you make or your perfume?
    All that snow we had over the weekend is melting like crazy today.It rained most all night. Its in the 40's today.
    I MUST PUT DOWN the needlework, I'm so far behind in my reading that I'm getting stupid, and I have a lot of good books sitting here.But I love embroidering those towels that I will never use because of all the work I put into them.They do look mighty pretty folded up in the drawer.
    Well off to get some thing ready for dinner.
    Your Pal

    Nancy Jo

  3. After seeing your eagles I have looked for them here...and what a shock it was for me to find out we actually have some. Not as many as you, though, that's for sure.