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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Pond in the winter

No snow....yet
it's waterfall


  1. Very nice. Love the waterfall. Artsy!!!

    Sounds like the title of a book: "The Pond In Winter". Why don't you write a children's book about all the little animals that come to the pond during the winter and get their sustenance from the pond? And then some bad guys dump oil in the pond and make it toxic and the little animals start to die off. Until one of them, a really smart muskrat, leads a friendly human to the pond to show her that happened. She takes action to clean up the pond and catch the bad guys and all the little animals are happy again.

    I think you ought to name the woman, Mary Beth.

  2. That is a very funny story about the teacher and your daughter's homework. I think she had your number down pat! :-)