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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fuzzy, hazy Moon for Sky Watch

The moon, the clouds, the haze------it's not October it's April.  At least it is staying lighter longer.
To see more wonderful skies go to and enjot.


  1. Beautiful picture you show.
    Wishing you a happy Easter.
    Hugs Hanne Bente

  2. I the blue color on your shot, very pretty. Happy skywatching! Happy Easter!

  3. You should have used a tripod. Ah, probably wouldn't have mattered. The sky is too fuzzy. But pretty. Very pretty! And I know you, you wouldn't have used a tripod anyway. You have good, steady hands.

    So, what's the weekend hold? Got big plans? I think I'll play golfs.

  4. I like this hazy moon. It's almost like a painting.

  5. Looks as if a large giant flung a glazing ball at the hillside trees. Peace