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Friday, March 30, 2012

Working man fence for Friday Fences

 Ranch work.  My grand son  mending the fence and digging a post hole.  He says he's just digging up MORE rocks.  The boy is a laugh a minute.  MB
To see more interesting fences go to: and enjoy


  1. Digging holes for fence posts is no fun,,, but must be done. I like that your grandson is in the photos.

  2. That's hard work! Kudos to your grandson.

  3. I agree...good for your grandson...that is very hard sweaty work! Nice shots

  4. glad to hear that your grandson keeps you laughing. that is great!! enjoy that. (:

  5. Hi MB,
    Miss the pretty fences, there were a lot of them in my home town,of course I didn't realize at the time that they were pretty fences.
    Another thing we have in common, there were 62 in my graduating class too.
    Nancy Jo