Monday, January 16, 2012

First snow of the new year.....

 We had a dribbling of snow and temps in the 20's (F).  It is supposed to snow again this afternoon and then a big dumping of the fluffy stuff on Tuesday and windy on Wednesday and then a snow rain mix as the weather warms up.. Yeah, we'll see.
These tw pics are from Bob's house. 1st one out the back looking up to the tree farm (the same one my house is on only the other side) And the sun is trying to come out. The 2nd out the front door.  Kinda pretty.


  1. Be careful! We are supposed to get snow out here in Iowa later tonight and tomorrow, too.

    We have had very little so far this year.

    You asked if I had moved. Yes. In October I moved to a suburb close to Des Moines. I sold the acreage. The people who bought it love horses and are taking care of Cody Pony for me. In fact, they have some other retired ponies for Cody to be with now.

    My dog, Bailey, died in early November. That was very sad for me but that is the circle of life. He had gotten kidney failure and was put to sleep when he stopped eating and drinking.

    I always enjoy seeing your photos from Washington. You live in a very beautiful part of the world.

    Take care.


  2. Looks really cold. We got a dusting on my burpday but it is usually always cold that day. Peace

  3. This is a very pretty snow, although I'm pretty sure it won't look as good if you get rain tomorrow.

  4. I thought I made a funny comment about your snow but it ain't here. Well, that's been my day with Blogger.

    Not to worry; most of your jokes are funny.

    And I want things that I want NOW also!

  5. Two feet of snow ... that's a bunch. But I figured you were all cozy and warm! Re Kylee, I think I've heard that "He's only a friend" bit before.

    It's very cold here this morning (39-40) but, being an intrepid fellow, I'm off to play golf. Some people, of course, just say I'm off!

    Have a great day up thar in the snow belt!