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Friday, December 9, 2011

Where did summer go???

I guess it went on down the road. 


  1. Yah, yah! So, you're becoming a fantastic photographer already! And this shot, as you well know, proves it!

    So well composed; such beautiful flowers. I can smell the fresh air. And it doesn't look like one need worry about getting run over by a vehicle.

    Thanx for the memories. Wait a minute. This looks a lot like Stone Creek now. So who needs summer? :-)

  2. WAY WAY down the road. Not in the south either. Peace

  3. Excellent question. I like winter but admit by March or April it will be fun to ask: where did the winter go?

  4. What's MN stand for? Minnesota?

    Try going directly to the site (don't click the link):