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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lilypad Lake~~~~~ Weekend reflections

This is Lilypad  Lake on FS road 1107 on our way up Baker Lake looking for the elusive wild Blueberry on Mt. Bakers flanks.

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  1. Beautiful and what a nice name for a lake!

    I added your photo to Weekend Reflections. There's no need to re-size it. To add a photo just click where it says "Click here to enter" under the other Weekend Reflections entries. Once you are in the Linky Tools website just paste your blog post address where it says "1. Link to:" Then put your name and location in #2 where it says caption or title. Skip number 3 then click "from web" and choose the photo that you want to link. That's it. :) Please let me know if you need any more help.

  2. Aptly named. I can see the pads. Very well done, MB.

    There's a place in NY called Lily Lake. But I'm not sure there is a real lake involved.

    Having a great weekend?

  3. Looking for blueberries in such a splendid scennery must be such a treat ! Thanks for sharing this green spot with us...

  4. And there really are lilypads there too! :)

  5. Where are the frogs? Seems a shame to waste good lilypads without frogs. Ah, your search for wild blueberries flung me back to my first trip to Alaska and I sat in the meadow stuffing my face with lots of blueberries. The next morning I picked a big bunch to go in our pancakes. Hope you found some. Peace