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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wildflowers on Mt. Baker

This beautiful flower is just starting to flower all over the meadows on the flanks of Mt. Baker.  It is called 'Avalanche Lily' or 'Glacier Lily'.  Botanical name is Erythronium montanum.
This shrub and flower is called 'Twinberry' or 'Ink berry'.  Botanical name is Lonicera involucrata and is part of the Honeysuckle family.

Wildflowers bloom about 1-2 weeks after snowmelt.  Just to let you know the snow is just beginning to melt on the meadows on Mt. Baker's flanks.


  1. The wildflowers look like spring to me! Are these flowers late or is this the normal time of year to bloom?

  2. These are wildflowers? Amazing. So gorgeous!

  3. Now i understand why these look so much like trout lilies - they belong to the same family - Erythronium

  4. The Glacier Lily is absolutely beautiful, and I love the detail you've captured in the macro of the Twinberry. These are great photos.

  5. Neat flowers. I see the bug on the lily. Peace