Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Loggerodeo, Sedro-Woolley, Washington

 Sedro-Woolley is a logging town just a few miles from my house.  Every year they have a week long festival called Loggerodeo, different events all week long, including a 3K and a 5K footrace.  (I did the 3K last year).  Chain saw woodcarving going on all week and it all ends on the 4th of July weekend with a parade on Sunday and a two day rodeo.  Yeehaw!!!


  1. I'm impressed that you ran 3 kilometres! I bet the chainsaw carving was fun to watch.

  2. So did you run this year? And if not, why not? But I think it's wonderful that you did the 3K. Lois Anne stills holds the Florida 5K record for her age group. But she doesn't race anymore. She just runs for fun; 4-5 miles 2 or 3 times a week.

    Looking at these pictures I think I know where the phrase "at loggerheads" comes from!

    Keep smiling and holding hands!

  3. Looks like fun from the pictures. I have never seen chainsaw carving but it sounds dangerous!

  4. Looks like fun! I always enjoying seeing logging trucks. They take me back to my childhood. My dad was a logger in Washington, Oregon, and in the very northern part of California.