Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple (I forgot it's name) picture taken today at Everett Aboreteum.


  1. You really know how to make me feel jealous, don;t you? I would LOVE to be able to grow Japanese maples here!

  2. That's the tree Mum planted in our front garden in London in the seventies. Last time I was in London, it was gone. :-(

  3. How could you forget it's name when you just called it a Japanese maple? Sheesh. You are so funny.

    These are certainly gorgeous trees.

    And yes, the little dog was a Shar-Pei. You're so smart, too!

  4. Also...I did not steal your geese! The ones in question are Florida Canadian Geese. I think they've found a home here.

    And as to Stumpknockers: We have not eaten there yet. Might, though, in the future. But Lois is a vegetarian and their main dishes are mainly meat...so she doesn't have a lot of choices. But we hear the food is good although you might not guess that from looking at the outside of the place.